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The Benefits of a College Education at MIT

MIT seeks to educate students on science and technology. They seek to produce individuals who will be able to make a difference in the world and in the 21st century. MIT is dedicated to their students and they strive to combine academics with discovery. Students who attend MIT will gain an insight to the problems of today’s world and society and learn exciting new technologies to truly help make the world a better place.

Students at MIT have a variety of major options to choose from. MIT has five schools focusing on the areas of architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts and social sciences, management, science and health sciences. MIT also offers a MIT-WHOI Joint program in oceanography and applied ocean science and engineering. These unique degree programs will insure that students are well versed in all aspects of their education and they are able to learn from highly accredited faculty. MIT’s faculty members belong to many accredited associations including the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. MIT boasts a staff of Nobel Prize winners and National Medal of Science winners. Other awards amongst the staff include the National Medal of Technology, the Japan Prize, Guggenheim Fellows, Full bright Scholars, MacArthur Fellows and Institute Professors. This award winning staff provide students not only a high-quality education but will teach them excellent research and hands-on skills. Students will be inspired by their professors and will strive for academic excellence because of this award-winning faculty.

Undergraduate students will complete a core curriculum that will emphasize scientific, technical and humanistic knowledge. Students must complete a science/mathematics requirement, a humanities/social science/art requirement, and a four-subject communication requirement. These different requirements will help students achieve the creativity and problem solving solutions that MIT seeks to emphasize. Undergraduate students are also given the opportunity to work on research opportunities and to collaborate with the award-winning faculty. This is a rare opportunity for many college students as most colleges only allow graduate students to work on research projects. Students will also enjoy the four-week Independent Activities Period in January. Students are allowed to pursue their personal interests through a variety of seminars, field trips and other activities.

Students who are interested in pursuing their careers in the armed services will also benefit at MIT. MIT features military leadership training through ROTC programs in all three branches of the military. Students who are able to complete the ROTC program receive commissions after they graduate. These programs also offer graduate degrees to students who wish to pursue them before fulfilling their military obligations.

MIT also employs several educational partnerships that students may take advantage of. Students are allowed to cross-register with other colleges including Harvard and Wellesley without paying additional tuition. Study Abroad and Domestic Study Away programs are available for students to explore other educational opportunities.

There are a variety of opportunities and benefits available to students who choose to study at MIT. MIT offers exceptional opportunities to both their undergraduate and graduate students. Students will have the opportunity to explore areas of their education that are not possible in other undergraduate programs anywhere else in the country.

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Las Vegas Schools Open New Schools and Hire New Teachers

Las Vegas Schools have ten new schools opening for the 2006-2007 school year. Nine are brand new schools, while one is a replacement of Rancho High School. This is part of a long term plan to meet student population demands and create modern facilities. The schools opening in August are six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. The new elementary schools are Hayden Elementary, Schorr Elementary, Steele Elementary, Thompson Elementary, Ward Elementary and Wright Elementary. The middle schools are Johnston and Tarkanian and the high schools are the new Legacy High School and the replacement Rancho High School. All these new schools create the need for more teacher and support staff. With this in mind Las Vegas Schools is engaging in a very active recruitment process including holding recruitment fair this summer to be held at the Desert Rose Adult High School. In the area of academic staff Las Vegas Schools are hiring over one thousand new staff and teachers. But academic staffs are not the only ones needed to keep a school running. These new member schools of Las Vegas Schools are also in need of bus drivers, transportation aides, vehicle mechanics and substitute food service workers.

The New Rancho High School

The newest edition to Las Vegas Schools is the placement of the old Rancho High School. The new design may seem surprisingly familiar to the students. The new Rancho High School is based on the same design used in most suburban shopping malls. The new 330,000 square foot school was built on the site of the former school’s athletic field. The old school will be torn down later in the school year. The new Rancho High School follows a two story mall design and the total building cost was around $75 million. The money came from the Las Vegas Schools $3.5 billion capital improvement plan approved by voters in 1998. The new design did cause a little concern but it actually creates a very functional and friendly space which can add to the success of a school. The Rancho High School principal plans to divide the school into four distinct sections each with its own assistant principal and student services. These sections will possibly be divided based on grade level or program type.

Rancho High School is well known for its magnet programs that aim towards the medical and aviation fields. These magnet programs will have new offices and special facilities on the new Ranch High School campus. The ROTC will also have a new area. The Rancho High School ROTC is one of the largest in the U.S. and the facility will be able to accommodate over five hundred students. The Ranch High School replacement is part of a long term replacement plan by Las Vegas schools. The plan was to replace five existing schools Sunrise Acres Elementary, Wendell Williams Elementary and Rancho High School are the first three with Booker Elementary and Virgin Valley Elementary to follow.

Rancho High School is Second to Have Mall Design

Rancho High School is the second Las Vegas School to have the mall design. The first was at Buffalo and Grand Teton. The mall design creates a new and unique space that provides natural light and fresh air to the classrooms while creating a more secure environment than a conventional school design. Both the current principal and the president of the construction company building the new school are former Rancho High School graduates, who are extremely pleased with the modern replacement.

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Preparing For a College Education

You’ve probably heard that by the time your child graduates high school it will take a fortune to go to college. While public colleges and universities are reasonable for many families right now, the cost is expected to rise to over $100,000 in 18 years from now. Want to send your child to that same private school you attended? Be prepared for tuition of close to a quarter of a million dollars.

But if you start right now, you are going to be just fine. Time is the biggest factor in saving a large amount of money. It can work for you if you start today. If you wait until you child is in high school, it will not be your best friend it will just move too fast.

I don’t know where to begin, you may be saying. So many parents aren’t saving for their children’s education because they really don’t understand what they will be facing. Many expect grandparents or other relatives to help out. But they don’t realize that 18 years is a long time and a lot can happen.

Start saving now. Every little bit counts. Remember that the early you start, the less it will cost you. Interest works for you in many ways. Even a few dollars a week can end up buying several classes later on.

Start by estimating what your child’s education will cost. At 5% inflation, the average public university may cost around $24,000 a year in 18years. If you have older children, the cost in ten years will be around $16,000 using the same calculations.

Use these numbers to get you motivated. And yes, some of the education costs may be covered by scholarships and financial aid, but you never know. It is better to save too much than not enough.

You can simply use an online calculator to determine how much you will have to save each year to reach your goal. Remember, interest is working for you here, so it isn’t as simple as dividing the goal by the time you have to save. You will find that the sooner you start, the less you put in.

Keeping this in mind, a savings account or money market account doesn’t pay very good interest. Most advisors recommend that if you are starting early, you should be aggressive. Stock funds out-perform other investments over the long term. Remember, this is an investment that requires your attention. Don’t just put it somewhere and leave it. Pay attention to the performance of the funds. As you get closer to your child’s high school graduation, start moving the money into more conservative investments.

Many people want to know which is more important, saving for retirement or for a child’s college education. You can do both. Make your retirement your priority, but don’t ignore the savings for your child. Parents that are disciplined in saving money will teach a child a lot in life. Just as the college experience will.

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Education and Knowledge

The process of effectively influencing the human mind and society in general is the source of education. The institutions provide infrastructure and teachers contribute their time, energy and knowledge influencing the human mind in a positive way. Every individual feels the importance of educating their children and adults and expect them to excel academically.

It is very important that we as individual must analyze and evaluate the mental capability and interest in any field or subject, which will shape up the personality. Education in general should not be forced upon if capability and interest in any individual do not show compatibility. At times, the capability prevails, yet it lacks interest. Hence the field of education and subject should be in line with mental capability and interest of an individual.

The variety and type of education are available at a different level. The basic education which is a guiding factor for all should be imparted to make a common man perform his day to day duties. The secondary level and higher education will become the corner stone of learning and development of society. The role played by students and teachers in harmony will have tremendous effect on society. The contributions of both are an important factor towards a prosperous future.

The most important and necessary aspect of education is acquiring knowledge. Education without knowledge is insignificant and ineffective. Exploring, analyzing understanding and evaluating hidden treasure of nature can only be obtained when education is coupled with knowledge. A knowledgeable person leaves an impact on individual and society alike. It is, therefore,, the imprints which penetrate the heart and mind will be everlasting. It becomes an open conduit of knowledge benefiting generation after generations.

All satellite families should concentrate on educating their children and imparting knowledge. Thus it will pave the way for knowledgeable environments, benefiting individually and collectively. The growth under these circumstances will become a mirror image of educated and knowledgeable society.

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Philosophy of Education – The Importance of Education in Society

Education has been part of the human society from the very beginning. Human societies throughout the ages have had vested interests in education. The importance of education can not be overemphasized. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to say that without education, most societies would die. Philosophy of Education is a term that can be used to refer to the academic field that involves applied philosophy. It can also be used to describe philosophies that promote certain visions of education, examining the goals, meaning and other aspects.

While most societies will agree or acknowledge the importance of education, a large number of them fail to channel sufficient resources that can be used to promote and support educational institutions and activities. It is clear to everyone that children, who are born innumerate and illiterate, quickly learn the culture and norms of the community they are born into, with the help of those around them and professional teachers. Within a short time, the children are able to read, write and act in an appropriate way. The skills improve as the child grows, and with time, they will have learnt enough to enable them to operate in the society without constant guidance.

Education today can serve as a mechanism for social- sorting. People have different learning skills with some exhibiting more facility than others. Education plays a major role on the economic fate of every individual. Education helps to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills that allow them to be able to define and pursue their individual goals. It also allows people to participate in the community, playing their part to improve their conditions and the condition of the society at large.

While many may view education in a very individualistic way, it is important to look at the societal perspective. The more educated individuals there are in the society, the more developed that society becomes. Unfortunately most societies today are embracing the narrow view that encourages people to get an education as a way to enhance their own individual needs. This has led to a few individuals holding the view that they are autonomous. In the end, this same individual’s end up living very unfulfilled lives. Education should be able to create individuals who are assets to the society at large. Formal education provided by the state, is an acknowledgement of the importance of Philosophy of Education for survival of the society.

Formal education provided by the state, is an acknowledgement of the importance of Philosophy of Education for survival of the society. Making education a necessity helps to ensure that the society can continue to grow. One obvious sign of the great impact Educational Philosophy makes is that every time there is a crisis in society, there is inevitably a breakdown in the education system. Lack of education causes instability, and leads to a rise in poverty, ignorance and disease


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Career Opportunities in Education

Lots of people are looking for jobs that will help them grow in their career. There are some people who only look forward to earn money while there are others who want to learn more while they work. There are different kinds of industries present in a country.

There are few which manufacture a product or service while others are creative and they create something interesting. Among the various industries one of the industries which provide a lot of opportunities is the education industry. Are you looking for career opportunities in education?

Education is a field which has lots of things to offer to a person. Other than making people enlightened you can also become enlighten at the same time. There are lots of education employment opportunities available these days. You just need to make sure that you are fit for this line.

There are people who love to learn more, perform research and make academics their life. The education industry can be a suitable choice for them. If you are a fresher then you will need some time to prepare yourself for this field.

There are lots of career opportunities in education for the fresher as well as for the high level professional. There are certain associations which can help you get the right kind of job. You can look for the job opportunities in education in the internet.

There are various job sites which are dedicated only to the education jobs. You will be happy to learn that the education industry is expanding quite rapidly and they are always on the search for new talents. This is the reason why there are chances of lots of people getting recruited in this industry.

Other than the public sector the private sector also has a great role in expanding this industry. If you are interested to join the industry then you need to have a capability to teach people and stay in touch with education.

Each and every person will agree that without education our society is incomplete and hence it holds the most important place in our society. Each of the community wants to make sure that their children receive proper education so that they can build their own career.

Employment opportunities in education are increasing day by day and hence you need not worry about your future. If you can enter the field and perform your job well then you will surely each the top. To get the best career opportunities in education you first need to choose the subject you love.

You can proceed with that particular subject and become one of the top professionals of this industry. There are certain companies in the education industry which offer some idealistic goals. Other than this, they also offer certain generous benefits. They also offer competitive salary to the professionals.

The employment opportunities available in this industry are quite diverse and there are so many things to do. More companies are being added to the industry which will increase education employment opportunities.

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What Makes Online Education a Better Option For You?

Nowadays, pursuing a degree through online education is common, and the value of online degree from a proper accredited university or college is equally weight than the traditional campus-based degree. With both campus-based degree and online education you have more options to choose from if you want to earn a degree for you career advancement. Online education has many advantages that can benefit its students, but it may not be a good option for all students; then what makes online education a better option for you?

Here a 5 signs that an online education might be a better option for you:

1. You want to continue your current job while pursuing a degree

In order to success in both work and study, you need to have a good time management that helps you to stay focus in both tasks. Online education will make it easier for you if you are the person who does not want to give up your paycheck while earning a degree for better career future. The advantages of online education that allows it students to have the most flexible learning environment can benefit a working individual and plan your times that best fit into both work and study.

2. You are managing multiple time commitments Online education helps to cut down wasted time in traveling to and from school while providing flexible scheduling that can enables you to fully utilize your time. If you are a person with full of time commitments with multiple working around obligations, you will appreciate the anytime, anywhere access of the virtual classroom. Online education will be a better option for you if you have such working obligations while you study:

  • Frequent traveling for job assignment
  • Unfixed working schedule / work on shift
  • Involve in project-based work that need long working hour
  • Need to take care of your children after work hours

3. You are a visual learner Traditional campus-based learning style is more emphasis on auditory activities such as lectures and oral discussions while online education learning style is mostly in visual learning format that involves reading, writing with various visual aids found in virtual classroom. Hence, if you prefer to “read and learn” than “listen and learn” type of style, an online education learning environment will be a better option for you.

4. You are self-motivated “Self-motivation” is the key factor to a success online study. Online classes allow you to logon to the class at anytime and remain in the online class for the duration you prefer, nobody will push at your back to urge you complete you projects or assignments. You may move through the material at your own pace, passing quickly on the area you already familiar with and spending more time to understand new concepts. If you equip with a good “self-motivation” characteristic, then you should have no problem in completing an online education program which makes it a better option for you.

5. You are interest in a specialized degree not available locally One of the most compelling reasons to opt for online education is you can earn your dream degree offered by any of university in the world as long as the university offers online degree programs. Distance is not an issue for online education because you can reach it with mouse clicks no matter how far it is located from your place. The online education will become a better option for you when the degree you are interested in is not available locally.


Earning a degree online can have many advantages over the traditional campus-based education. It will become your better education option if the advantages of online education can benefit you while helping you to achieve your education goal in a better way.

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Best Educational Practices

I was born a genius, education ruined me”. Well, I am sure most of you are aware of this quote. And trust me, you almost feel like believing it! However, on a serious note, formal education is absolutely essential to pursue and excel in whatever you do in life. And the methods and tools used to give the best possible education (in the arena of formal education) to students in the available resources refer to best educational practices. Fundamentally, optimizing the use of the educational tools and human resources is necessary. Although the concept sounds vague, this concept is nothing perplexing.

Best Practices in Education

To start with, the term ‘best practice’ is used to describe whatever works in a given situation or environment. So, the best educational practices include the maximum that can be imparted to the students by the teachers and the way teachers deal with the students and vice versa. It is nothing but cashing whatever resources you have and generating the best possible output. Let’s check out what are the most effective practices in education.

Parent Trap: No no, I am not giving any allusion to the movie Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan. I am referring to one of the educational practices, that is to involve parents in the learning process of the children. The involvement of parent is extremely crucial for the children to grow intellectually. More active the participation of parents, faster the children will develop their academic acumen.

All Clear: It has been observed many of the high performing schools employ the use of clear goals and set targets, grounded on the belief that every child has the ability to learn and climb up the performance ladder. So a clear and common focus is absolutely a significant part of the best educational practices.

Home Sweet Home: Evaluating the homework or grading it can be of great help. When the homework is discussed upon by the teachers as well as the parents, it gets a different dimension all together. By this practice, the children come to know where exactly have they erred, where they are good and which are the areas they need to improve upon. A good comment from the teacher can boost the confidence of the student. Accordingly, the child can work towards his or her strong points.

Curriculum + Core Learning Expectations = Performance Enhancement: Spoon feeding is a complete ‘No No’, if students have to be inculcated with challenging and rigorous learning. To involve students actively in the educational system, inquiry, assessments and in depth learning will be really helpful.

Direct Connection: Nothing can be compared to the good old educational practice of direct teaching. A straight student-teacher connection is one of the best educational practices. The characteristics of teachers employing this practice include clarity, task orientation, flexibility and enthusiasm. They also ask for active participation of students.

Out of Time: Effective management of time and accommodation of a spectrum of the interests of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, is what top educational institutes are structured for. Time and structure are two very important concepts when it comes to best educational practices.

Sky is the Limit: Another very important educational practice or guideline is instilling confidence in the students by the teachers that they can learn and excel. The flip side of this concept is that teachers also believe in themselves that they can teach the students well.

Another point is best practices in educational interpreting. Now educational interpreting refers to educational activities that uncover the meaning about our natural and cultural resources, according to some.

These above mentioned practices are generic and are not specific to a particular institution or a group of institutions. Ultimately, it all boils down to what suits the best to a specific institution.

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Prepare for College

The move to college can be a major adjustment. In addition to tougher coursework, a foreign environment, and a dramatic new level of independence, some of the biggest obstacles a new college freshman will face have practical solutions. As with any new challenge, the old Boy Scout credo of be prepared” holds true once again.

From fighting homesickness, to being prepared for a medical situation, to getting to know and learn from people whom are different than you, college gives you a chance to really shine. Indeed, no one said the transition to adulthood would be easy, but when you learn how to prepare for college, you also learn how to prepare for life as an adult.

Here are some helpful tips and advice that address fairly universal challenges that freshman often encounter, and ones that will teach you how to prepare for college adjustments.

Prepare for College Dorm Life

For most freshmen, going to college will mark the first time they will be spending a considerable amount of time away from the comfortable confines of home and loved ones. It helps to know that your family is also going through the same situation. While you prepare for college dorm life and are making plans for your new home, your parents are likely making plans to turn your old room into a “guest room” where they will only “occasionally” charge rent to boarders who would like to “stay” there.

All joking aside, your relationships with friends and family are special, but those relationships didn’t build themselves. You had a lot to do with that. An essential way to prepare for college is to start by giving yourself some credit; you are an interesting and unique person who will be surrounded by thousands of other interesting and unique people. Another way to help prepare for college is to know that you should, and will likely want to, get out and meet people. Just about every college or university has a many different student organizations comprised of people with common interests such as: radio broadcasting, ultimate Frisbee, paintball, religious affiliations, and many more. Every semester these organization welcome new members just like you.

And just because you’ve left home doesn’t mean you can’t still stay in touch. Your parents will enjoy hearing from you. This growing experience for you will likely inspire a great deal of pride in your parents and remind them that, despite that time you brought home a leather-clad hoodlum named Spider as your boyfriend, you are the intelligent, responsible, and determined person they’ve always believed your were. Phone calls, IM, e-mails, and occasional visits are all healthy way to stay in touch with loved ones and fight homesickness. Learning how to prepare for college often means learning the right way to stay in touch with people back home.

Preparing for Emergencies

No matter how careful you are, emergencies happen. Knowing what to do when an emergency does happen, however, is one of the most valuable things you can know as you prepare for college.

Step one: Prepare for college by knowing your insurance situation. Bring your insurance card if you have one. Many insurance providers will carry students on their parents’ policy through the age of 25. That’s enough to even get you through some grad school! If your parents don’t currently have health insurance, or their policy does not cover you past 19 years of age, check with your campus health center. Many help students prepare for college by offering various discounted insurance plans that cover everything from office visits and prescriptions to more serious situations.

Step two: While you have the health center on the horn, another helpful way to prepare for college is by asking them how you can go about having your medical records forwarded to their office. In some cases, you may not be able to speak or otherwise convey important information such as allergies or existing conditions such as diabetes or asthma. Having this information on file will help campus medical providers give you the prompt and thorough medical attention you may need in an emergency situation.

Step three: While you are out picking up movies or grabbing some grub with friends, take some time to scope out any local hospitals or urgent care facilities. Accidents don’t always happen on, or close to, campus. Knowing where you can find immediate off-campus medical care for you or a friend is another great way to prepare for college.

Prepare for College by Embracing Diversity

You’ve heard the old expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Well, that statement misses the mark a little. Prepare for college by repeating this statement: “It’s what you know and who you know.” And if we are really going to get down the nitty gritty, who you know can often increase what you know. Confused yet? Read on.

Perhaps no other place embodies the melting pot mentality by embracing diversity more than a college or university. At school, you will have the opportunity to meet a diverse assortment of people from different states, countries, cultures, and religions. You will meet people with physical disabilities and different relationship preferences. Prepare for a wide array of diversity at college and the benefits of getting to know people from all walks of life.

College and university life is a place for learning. Embracing diversity in college and learning about other people who are decidedly different from you will often teach you how alike we really are. At the same time, when you prepare for college by embracing such diversity, you are giving yourself a distinct advantage in life. As the world becomes smaller, matters of business, health, education, religion, and more take on a greater immediate importance. Embracing diversity allows you to gain a greater perspective on the world we all share. Ideally, years from now, when you graduate, you should feel equally proud of whom you know as you do about what you know.



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Importance of College Education

During their high school career, students may begin to question the importance of a college education. They might find themselves asking, “Why is it important to go to college?” The answer is that, more than ever, attending college provides opportunities for graduates which are not as widespread to those who have not received a higher education.

For many high school students, being able to immediately generate an income after graduation is an appealing thought. They may also be repelled by the rising cost of tuition, and while it is true that a higher education may be one of the largest expenses you will ever face, the importance of a college education has become quite evident in terms of earning potential within today’s economy.

Why should you go to College?

One important answer to this question is more opportunity. As opposed to generations of the past, high school graduates today are unable to obtain the number of high-paying jobs that were once available. The U.S. has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge, and the importance of a college education today can be compared to that of a high school education forty years ago. It serves as the gateway to better options and more opportunity.

There are additional reasons as to why it is important to go to college. When students experience a post secondary education, they have the opportunity to read books and listen to the lectures of top experts in their fields. This stimulation encourages students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional growth and development and provides college graduates with an edge in the job market over those who have not experienced a higher education.

The importance of a college education is also accentuated because of the opportunity to gain valuable resources during your tenure. The more connections which are collected during your college career, the more options you will have when you begin your job search. Once you have ended your job search and have started your career, however, the importance of a college education has not been exhausted. Having a college degree often provides for greater promotion opportunity.

So, why should you go to college? The reasoning does not begin and end with the job aspect. A good education is beneficial from many different viewpoints, and while the importance of a college education is quite evident for many high school students, what is often not as clear is how they will pay for that education.

Funding Your College Education

Although the colleges and universities of today carry a heavy price tag, it is of great importance not to let that discourage you from obtaining a college education. While the cost of tuition continues to rise, so too does the number of available financial aid options. Below we will explain why it is important to explore these options before you go to college and the large payoff they often provide.

From local and federal options, to categorical and corporate options, college-bound students have a variety opportunity worth exploring when attempting to obtain financial aid. A common misrepresentation of financial aid packages (e.g. scholarships, grants, loans, work study programs) is that they provide funding for an entire college education. The reality is that most of these packages are smaller and it may take several of them to add up. This is why it is important to explore all of your options before you go to college:

  • Local options the people of your own community fully understand the importance of a college education, which is why organizations such as the American Legion, the Rotary Club, the Jaycees, and Boosters chapters offer scholarships for high school students in the area. These organizations are often overlooked and serve as a great resource due to the fact that they have far less competition than national awards. Start your local search by visiting your high school’s career options to see what’s available.
  • Federal options The federal government is also well aware of the importance of a college education, which is why they award more financial aid to college-bound students than any other resource. The most important step in obtaining federal aid is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Follow this link for more information on filing the FAFSA for financial aid.
  • Merit-based options Merit scholarships are awarded to students based on academic or athletic abilities, as well as categories such as ethnicity, religious affiliation, club membership, interests, talent or career plans. Learn more about merit-based options by following this link: College Scholarship Money
  • Corporate options Corporations are another resource who understands the vast importance of a college education. Every year, corporations ranging from Target to Coca-Cola offer financial aid to thousands of college-bound students. A great way to start your corporate scholarship search is with you or your spouse’s company. Often times, organizations will award the children of employees with scholarships or grants. Follow this link to learn more about college financial aid and grant searches and determine the eligibility of your student.

Understanding the Importance of College Education

If you are still asking yourself why you should go to college, it is important to remember the significant amount of opportunity available for college graduates. The global economy is becoming increasingly more competitive, and in order to give yourself the best chance for a well-paying job, you must first understand the importance of college education.

Attending college provides students with the knowledge and experience they are unable to receive from a secondary education, and finding a way to fund a higher education now can pay off in a huge way in the years to come.

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