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Internet Marketing Education Vs College Education

Congratulations! In just a few minutes you will become a college graduate. The four years of hard work and discipline finally paid off because today is your day. I know when you look back at the many late nights studying or the topics that you had to research for term papers that you absolutely abhorred was worth it. Don’t forget there were sacrifices as well, I don’t think you can count on both hands the many parties that you passed up or the summers you spent at an internship while your friends sat in the sun by the beach.

Today you make your parents proud because today you have proved to the world that you are entitled to success. You hear your name called out and you walk up on stage to receive your diploma it’s one of the proudest days in your life. Every second you can feel the S on your chest get bigger and the red cape get larger. You are officially a college graduate ready for the world and fully prepared to defy gravity. Like the R & B singer R Kelly once sang you believe you can fly.

Fast forward one year later. You walk through the revolving doors of the faceless building quickly being swept up by the lunch hour traffic. Once again disappointed at your job search. You can’t seem to get on your feet and every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine you see and hear about the job market getting smaller and smaller. What happened your life wasn’t supposed to be this way. What happened was the same thing that is happening to countless other new college graduates. They are leaving school to find out they have been learning old out dated principles that don’t apply to the current job market but even worse the job market doesn’t even exist. The only thing they do have is a mountain of debt created from consumer expense and college loans. Naturally you feel bitter frustrated and even a little depressed. You graduated from college you’re entitled to more right… WRONG

Sorry to say that the only thing you’re entitled to is a opportunity to try something different that will present a different outcome. For college students especially those who are seeking careers in business their is unlimited potential for success as a internet marketer. first and foremost their is no recession on the internet, the internet is a constantly growing and changing algorithm that corporations in the fortune 500 listing to mom & pop brick and mortar business need someone to successfully promote, brand, and attract high quality customers to their business. The only possible way an internet marketing professional will be considered non valuable is unless the internet disappears.

The major appeal to becoming a internet marketing professional is the ability to make a substantial residual income while you’re learning. Unlike major colleges and universities in America you don’t have to graduate before you have the chance to sell yourself. The college of internet marketing teaches you to define your self value so the business opportunity comes to you and you can state the terms. The curriculum is all online so you can work around whatever personal schedule that you currently have and the cost to begin this business education is far less then it would be to get your degree in any major college or university. Apply the same discipline and study habits to this education like you would for your undergrad or graduate level courses and success is inevitable

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MBA Programs in Marketing

You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to notice that marketing is changing. Just spend five minutes on Face book or YouTube, and you’ll probably get the idea – brands communicate with consumers much differently than they did even five years ago. The growing importance of technology and social networks is also visible in politics. Just ask Barrack Osama, named the 2008 Marketer of the Year” by Advertising Age.

Actually, marketing is constantly changing, just as industries, technology, and consumer habits change. Can getting an MBA help marketing specialists stay afloat in a sea of constant change?

Just about every MBA program requires some kind of marketing class. But for students who want to focus on it during their one or two years in business school, there are a few dozen business schools worldwide that are particularly strong in the field.

How strong an MBA program is in marketing depends a lot on the size and caliber of its specialized faculty. Most top-ranked programs have faculties deeply engaged in research and publication. When these researchers are also good teachers, so much the better.

Of course, having a famous marketing guru on the faculty doesn’t hurt either. When a professor publishes groundbreaking work, his or her school’s reputation can benefit for years.

The school affiliation of the ‘pioneer professor’ plays a role,” says Dominique Hanssens, who chairs the marketing faculty at UCLA Anderson. Hanssens (see full interview here) cites the example of Philip Kotler at Northwestern Kellogg.

He has written some very important marketing books at a critical time in marketing’s history as a discipline, and is widely recognized for that,” says Hansen’s. “A lot of the MBA students from 20 or more years ago have read these books, and many of them are now in senior managerial positions. That established a reputation, a long-term effect that Kellogg is able to capitalize on.

So, where will the next Phil Kotlers come from? Leading marketing programs, like those at Kellogg, Columbia, Duke Fuqua, Wharton, IESE, and HEC Paris will certainly continue to produce influential work, but Hansen’s says there’s a good chance that the next big thing might hail from innovation hubs like California.

Major changes in marketing strategy and the marketing paradigm itself are related to the information age. So, guess what: the California schools are doing very well, in part because this is where Apple, Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Facebook, Adobe, and other trend-setting companies are located.”

Changing pitch

Marketing is changing in the sense that the word marketing is more and more associated with the word innovation,” says Paola Cillo, who teaches marketing at SDA Bocconi in Milan (see full interview here). We are trying to explore how to take an innovative approach to marketing – a new way of communicating with consumers and collaborating with consumers.”

But I have to say that the basic approach to marketing – how companies actually consider marketing – hasn’t changed that much,” adds Cillo. “What is actually changing are the opportunities that they have to put this general approach into practice.”

While the professors might be hard at work digesting trends, how much are MBA students actually connected to the evolution of marketing? How much innovation do they really learn in their courses?

According to Simon Pervan, a lecturer at the University of Bath School of Management, a strong marketing MBA program should always be “cutting-edge.”

An MBA program should not just reinforce existing knowledge,” says Pervan, “but give new knowledge that students can apply to the various contexts that they bring to the classroom.”

Even the core, first-term marketing courses required of all MBA students ought to cover current and future trends. The deeper students go into marketing electives, the more they will learn about the evolution of marketing research, strategy, pricing, product development, communication, and brand management.

Ideally, MBA grads who have focused on marketing will be well-equipped to deal with the twists and turns of change, regardless of whether they go to work for a start-up, an industry leader, or the future president.

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Learn Digital Marketing

The impression of the internet has taken the world by a storm and there is no denying that it has turned into an indispensable part of our lives. Ranging from shopping to finding facts, information, location and even taking up classes, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished on the internet. The upward popularity of this medium has also made it probable to produce bags of money through various legitimate means using the potential of the internet. Indeed, an add-on number of people from various parts of the world are turning to learn digital marketing to earn their living without having to leave the ease of their homes. Due to rising industry and rewarding career growth students are taking interest in it.   Many institutes are introducing digital Marketing training in their centers. SEO Shiksha, a division of Kartik Infotech has recently launched its SEO training session to better serve the students. Here the candidates can learn digital marketing and its other wings.

SEO Shiksha aims at providing various courses that helps people understand the true potential of the internet and reap rich rewards. The digital marketing training course is designed to provide people an insight into the world of digital marketing and the potential of this type of marketing to reach out to millions of people. The sessions are comprehensive and explain in detail the various ways in which you can learn digital marketing simply and generate revenue through this form of marketing.

Digital marketing training classes can prove to be beneficial to people from all walks from life, irrespective of their age or gender. The internet marketing curriculum is most suited for those who would like to either work full time from home or would like to produce some extra hard cash to supplement their earnings from a regular monthly job. Learn Digital Marketing campaign has been designed and developed to ensure that every candidate who applies for the course will be able to aware of the nuances of this concept and implement it with ease.

The course offers a blend of classroom theory and practical sessions that make certain a thorough understanding of each concept related to internet marketing. If you want to discover the potential of the internet and harness it to your benefit, join SEO Shiksha now and learn digital marketing.

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